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CroCoder - An Experienced Software Development Team For Projects with big impact.

Whether you are redesigning your app, improving your website performance, or need help structuring your codebase, we can help you reach your goals.

Our Clients

At CroCoder, we’ve worked with various organizations, including enterprises, startups, and small businesses. We’ve built MVPs, helped projects scale up, refactored legacy code, and set up the architecture for transitioning into the world of React/Node. Is there something we can do for you?

Skew Analytics

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We worked on building the whole MVP and were responsible for the complete back-end development, devOps/infrastructure setup, and the front-end development. We implemented the whole authentication system, custom dashboard, and set up the basic component library.


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At Searchmetrics, we participated in defining the standards and rules to ease development and reduce development time. We were responsible for the front-end development of new features, worked on improving the developer environment and the front-end CI/CD processes of the shared codebase.


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For Lynes, we helped start their new Croatian office, which included finding the right technical talent and providing them with initial mentoring to make sure they had the right technical as well as soft skills. Additionally, we were responsible for designing and implementing a real-time video communication platform.


TransferHero Logo

Participating as part of a remote team, we were responsible for the back end and front end of the implemented solution. Additionally, we helped with the initial project DevOps setup and were responsible for the complete user account management, implementing the booking system for transfer reservations, and payment system integration via Stripe.

Mister Spex

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At German-based enterprise Mister Spex, we worked as front-end developers to create a structured shared custom component codebase that can be reused by multiple teams working with different domains. Additionally, we advised on improving the performance and structure of the implemented solution.

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How We Work

We Work Remotely

We are a remote-first team with extensive experience in working with distributed and diverse organizations. To efficiently collaborate, we make sure to have at least 6-working-hours overlap with your team members.

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We Work as Members of Your Team

We operate as equal members - using the same tools, participating in the same meetings, and using the same workflows and processes your business has set up. We are highly adaptable and able to collaborate with different departments with ease.

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We Work With React and Node

We specialize in crafting high-quality software using the tools and frameworks in the React.js as well as Node.js ecosystem. We always recommend approaches that are favorable in the long run, however, we are without exception willing to compromise and are open to all kinds of different solutions.

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Let’s start working together

We are an experienced software development team that specializes in building elegant, performant, and user-friendly web applications.

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